Underarm Duo

Looks Fresh and Feels Fresh. Total underarm care day and night.

An Underarm Duo with the Underarm Deo-Rolly and Skin Brightening Creme to for complete underarm care.    
Protect underarms from sweat, odor and chicken skin with the Underarm Deo-Rolly and treat it overnight with the Skin Brightening Creme.

Underarm Deo-Rolly: Made with niacinamide to help brighten underarms with continuous use and tea tree extract for anti-bacterial benefits.                  

Total sweat protection while keeping the underarms smelling fresh.                       
Makes underarm hydrated, supple and smooth with Sodium Lactate.                    
Prevents chicken skin.  
Skin Brightening Creme:  The Multitasker that's able to reduce hyperpigmentation. Quickly brightens the face, underarms, bikini area and any part of the body by inhibiting melanin production naturally.
Easy to absorb all-over skin cream that evens out your skintone while locking in mositure for a smooth and fairer skintone.